Bye Bye Easter Blues I didn’t have the experience/The experience had me/My life became confusing and unreal/Like a surrealistic painting by Dali/I stopped painting/ I stopped sleeping nights/I gained 30 lbs./I couldn’t read or write/Toxicity takes its toll on a soul/Like a long, bitter,cold gray winter season/But I’ve got Jesus as a refuge/And I know He will bind my wounds and mend my heart/I’m going to survive this/Because He rose from the dead

Conformity It makes me so sad/That I’m just being true to myself/and I’m told/ I need to be like everyone else. Lord let me always be me/and not need the approval of others/so much so that I ‘m told/I can’t be free. For conformity’s not freedom/ but being bound in chains/enslaved to the good opinion of others/and living a life in pain. Truth A mocker deceives himself into thinking he’s wise,/Prudent followers are wary of him.No one knows what power he has to fool those less mature/into falling into sin/And into doubting what the Lord says is real./Truth is a golden rod guiding us into peace and love,/Following the Lord is the only true path to wisdom

HOLLOW EYES Even the sound of crying doesn’t pervade these hollow walls./ Hollow dreams disrupt a good night’s sleep,/Yesterday’s hollow visions are gone,/Where is the love?/I’ll fill the walls with tears,fantasies and the sight of your photos hanging on them,/you a vision of handsomeness,and I left wondering:ehy didn’t you fulfill my dreams?

Rejection Protection The minister said,/ In every rejection is God’s protection,/But I did not know why the Lord protected me from you,/Until tonight,/Depression is not a pretty companion,/It seeps into your thoughts like thief stealing in the night./Robbing you of your joy and peace,/And all hopes of a happy ending,/Perfect I am not,/But then you are so thoughtless and callous,/I feel like a saint next to you,/So I let the hand of depression put up a barrier to protect me from you ,/and your cold hard heart.